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May 1999

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Monday, May 03, 1999



The Littleton Massacre's Hidden Mind Control Connections

Part II

© 1999 John A. Quinn/NewsHawk, Inc.

All Rights Reserved



In addition to the massacre in Littleton there have been indications of official coverup and disinformation in most of the other bizarre, unprecedented and predominantly inexplicable cases of school-based terrorism carried out by rather young students the past few years. There have been the same such indications regarding such incidents as the crash of TWA Flight 800, the death of Princess Diana, the O.J. Simpson business, the Long Island Railroad Massacre, Waco, the Oklahoma City bombing as well as the Manson murders, the two Kennedy assassinations, the Martin Luther King assassination and a staggeringly long list of other profoundly significant and SHOCKING events of our recent past. Many of these events have had tremendous impact on prevailing social, political and philosophical conditions and viewpoints.

It is becoming ever-more-obvious there is a coverup regarding the massacre at Littleton, and it is essential that the reason for this coverup is understood. The only conceivable reason for a coverup of such magnitude regarding an event of such stunning and massive social impact would be the direct involvement to some degree in the events on the part of a governmental or official agency of some kind, at some level--very likely a covert level.

I am highly suspicious that, as in so many other of the above-mentioned incidents, this operation was carried out through the use of mind-controlled operatives fulfilling the directives of their controllers--the super-secret intelligence and (para)military agencies running our covert government (AND our "overt" government too!)--in implementing such carefully engineered and manipulated scenarios as the terror at Columbine High School.

For the time being I leave it mainly to others to decipher the many "messages" undeniably lurking beneath the surface in this manipulated event of mass horror. Results such as causing increasing polarization and mistrust between various social and age groups and raising the bar in terms of what violent, sociopathic actions troubled teens (and others) might contemplate enacting are among the likely agendas.

Galvanizing public support for gun control legislation and for restrictions on the Internet seem to be likely agendas at work in the Littleton massacre also, though as a parent I find it unconscionable that teenagers have almost unrestricted access to weapons of mass murder. Yet this is true for Americans in general. On this issue and regarding restrictions on the Internet, the role which active, attentive, loving and concerned parenting plays in having our youngsters mature into healthy and reasonably decent adults in a confusing and fast-changing world cannot be overemphasized or underestimated.

As a society we cannot duck responsibility for the tidal wave of violence-oriented "entertainment" so prevalent today in the lives of our children. Parents, educators and other guardians have too often been either unaware, inattentive, unconcerned, tacitly or actively acquiescent and even directly supportive of our children being constantly bombarded by a proliferation of movies, TV shows, toys, video games and websites depicting graphic, gratuitous violence on an ever-increasing level. Regarding this issue we cannot be too surprised that our children are acting out violent behavior to an ever-increasing degree. We are undeniably reaping what we have sown or have allowed to be sown.


As a target area, Denver would seem (unfortunately) rather well suited for such terrible event. Denver has come under serious scrutiny for the massive oddities at Denver Int'l Airport, rampant rumors (and more) that a well-verified and tremendous underground complex beneath the airport is some sort of nerve center or "headquarters" for the western United States under some upcoming "New World Order" regime. Reports are that in addition to housing a massive number of subterranean "offices" and similar facilities there are also holding areas for tens of thousands of people: like, an underground concentration camp. I consider such reports interesting though not exactly verified.

What IS a fact is that the walls of the airport's "GREAT HALL" (a Masonic term) are covered with tremendous murals depicting death, destruction, horror and what could only be termed apocalyptic chaos descending on the Earth. In particular non-white races and Jews are depicted as being decimated or exterminated in a veritable Nazi's wet dream. Absolutely EXTRAORDINARY that such depictions are allowed to stand in a public facility such as the DIA.

What IS also a fact is that construction of the facility was stupendously and completely inexplicably over budget and behind schedule; also that the Denver city government was paid millions of dollars by the CIA to "just say yes" and look the other way about everything having to do with construction of the airport.

I have received firsthand testimony emailed to me in which the sender describes an incident when their 12-year old niece, along with two other girls, was abducted from Salt Lake City by a couple who had previously met and befriended the girls. The couple subsequently engaged in sexual activity with them, and set about inculcating a belief in the girls that their present life was pointless and futile, and that a greater happiness awaited them if they would literally sacrifice themselves and their lives in a ritualistic, ceremonial setting, involving some vaguely Christian, apocalyptic "cult" This was divulged in a letter left for the girl's parents before the couple left Utah with the girls bound for the group's headquarters in--surprise!--Denver. Further investigation showed this cult was linked to the CIA.

As good fortune would have it the vehicle got a flat tire, and due to police bulletins about the kidnapping, Colorado State Police who stopped to check out the problem became suspicious when the man involved was evasive and uncooperative in answering questions about the girls. The couple was arrested and the youngsters returned to their homes.


There are many reports of covert projects being conducted in the Denver vicinity, some of a "psychological" nature known as "psy-ops"--as in offshoots of MKULTRA-type operations; some irrefutably involved with "electromagnetic warfare" and EM/RF effects on mind, body and consciousness -- what could be termed EM/RF mind control. For example Lockheed, a CONSTANT partner with the covert government in MANY highly classified top secret "black projects," is a major employer in the Denver area: in fact, there are 10,000 Lockheed jobs in Littleton (inside a city of 39,000!)

Investigators have named Golden Colorado, very close to Littleton, as a covert ops hangout, and the Coors Corporation in Golden has a whole other operation going besides beer-making. Coors has a top-secret manufacturing plant doing highly classified defense contracting for the (covert) government making super-heavy-duty ceramics. The plant has (of course!) a HUGE underground. Some of the ceramic materials manufactured here are used on nosecones for missiles, rockets etc. and others are used in certain implosion devices which are the basis of certain new EM-weapons. The release is an electromagnetic pulse or EMP field: the bigger weapons can knock out whole cities with a massive EMP.

There are also reports of electromagnetic/radio frequency mind control activity at the Golden facility. On Lookout Mountain in Golden, Colorado there are sizable antenna arrays that have some locals concerned as to what their exact purpose is. Anomalistic psychological and mood-related effects have been experienced by local residents.

Researcher Robert Sterling has pointed out that Paducah, Kentucky, the site of another episode of virulent, vicious mass murder carried out by young people at school, is closely affiliated with Oak Ridge National Laboratories, the home of a serious amount of "EM Warfare" and related EM/RF mood/mind control research and activities for quite some time; this possibly being a factor in what could well be a previous incident of mind controlled assassins of a very young age, programmed at Oak Ridge by operatives of covert intelligence projects, carrying out their deadly actions in some altered state of mind--fulfilling their programmer's instructions in obedient, robotic, mind-controlled fashion.


Regarding the official story of how Harris and Klebold met their end, I strongly suspect the two students did NOT commit suicide but were themselves terminated by senior operative/control agents on the scene (probably at least two or more such were present). I consider this almost certainly to have been a covert government mind control operation designed to have MASSIVE social impact. It seems clear that Harris and Klebold were involved in but NOT the true instigators of the mayhem and murder at Columbine High that wretched day.

What's more, the likelihood is overwhelmingly strong that at Columbine and perhaps within every school district in the U.S. there is an agent of the covert government in position to identify and recruit such useful subjects as the young murderers in Paducah, Pearl, Jonesboro, Edinboro, Springfield--and now Littleton/Columbine. Regarding the Jonesboro, Arkansas school murders, a number of researchers (including mind control researcher Alex Constantine) reported on many indications one or both of the perpetrators in that incident were victims of mind control programming serving as agents in covert government projects.

Of particular note to me as a researcher of top-secret mind control projects run by the covert government was the massive degree of Nazi influence in the attitudes and beliefs of Harris and Klebold, and the extensive interest in Nazism shown by the two. Anyone with any knowledge of the supersecret world of intelligence/military agencies knows that there is a exceptionally strong link between them and many of their covert operations, and Nazism. An irrefutable and definite link, which is proven by the existence of such operations as Project Paperclip, in which untold thousands of Nazi operatives were brought to the U.S. after WW2 and merged into the CIA and other agencies. Many of the covert, "black" projects operated by this secret government very specifically have what could only be termed Nazi objectives, to be achieved through the implementation of Nazi methods. This would apply most definitely to any and all "MK" or mind control operations whatsoever.


Many have commented on the fact that there was undeniable and extreme tension and bad feeling between Harris, Klebold, other members of the "Trenchcoat Mafia" and the "jocks" and "preppies" at Columbine High, and that such a dynamic exists at many schools throughout the country. I most certainly know that such tensions and animosities are real and were by all accounts prevalent in this situation. However, such a condition would be a perfect "backdrop" or setting in which a mind control operation such as I've outlined here can be pulled off. To some degree this social tension it is part of the "cover", but it is also a factor in the intended impact upon society of the terror at Columbine. Just as the "Masonic" secret government instigates and aggravates wars and conflicts all over the world in a continual effort to keep human beings fighting among themselves at every turn and thus "divide and conquer" humanity, so does THIS incident greatly aggravate many of the tensions and schisms in modern American society, not only between antagonistic factions of young people, but between young people as a whole and older segments of the population. One of the agendas for the Littleton horror was the further polarization of society on general and the further demonization and alienation of young people in this country.


An "event" such as this sends certain messages to society as a whole, and also sends certain specific messages to specific segments of society. One message being sent to every parent in the country is not only that their children can no longer be considered safe at an institution of learning, but that in fact their children specifically may well be prominent targets of incomprehensible, inconceivable and inexplicable murderous violence at such institutions. Only time will tell what the long-term psychological impact of this will be upon the American public. As a parent myself I shudder to even think what messages this event is sending to the children themselves, but the major spate of "copycat" incidents at schools all over the country in days following the terrible tragedy at Littleton is indeed a phenomena nearly as troubling as the Littleton incident itself.

It has been pointed out that there may well be some clues in certain facts about the massacre at Columbine High School which indicate that secret, occult Masonic elements were deeply involved in the horror--that this event, like the assassination of John Kennedy and the Manson murders, was some sort of Masonic "blood ritual" with many symbolic overtones and hidden meanings, as well as being a reality-shattering event of the first order with tremendous potential to manipulate society as a whole.

Regarding hidden meanings, subliminal messages, symbolism and cult or occult connections to the Littleton horror, an extremely peculiar fact is that Vice-President Al Gore and other numerous officials in attendance at the memorial service for the Columbine victims held on Saturday, April 24 wore BLACK TRENCHCOATS!

And what would the hidden message be here? Most simply perhaps: "If anyone wants to know who the Trenchcoat Mafia in fact is, here's the answer. They are us--the government."


Some other oddities about the horror at Columbine High: why did the SWAT team spend four hours waiting outside the building? Such a course of IN-action is just unconscionable and incomprehensible given the situation at Columbine High School where helpless human beings were being slaughtered at will!

Why did the SWAT teams not take action as they are fully trained and equipped to do? Who told the SWAT teams to hold back? What possible explanation can be put forward as to why these hardened professionals waited and let the killing continue for FOUR HOURS? Or DID the killing continue?

As noted earlier, why didn't a single school staff member or security-person notice any of the 67 explosive devices or the actions of those placing these devices?

Why, considering the fact that the SWAT teams did not enter the school and also considering ALL the explosives, weaponry and ammunition and free reign to carry out their reported goal of killing hundreds and demolishing the school, WHY were ONLY 13 people shot? Because this sends yet ANOTHER veiled message to certain elements of the various levels of government AND of society as a whole who may be somewhat cognizant of certain malevolent activities of the covert government: the message here being that NEXT time, HUNDREDS of kids WILL die.

In point of fact and in light of information which has come out regarding Eric Harris's significant outbursts of severe hostility, threats of extreme physical harm and other sociopathic behavior, which had brought him directly to the attention of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department a number of times in the past, the proven lack of concern or interest displayed by the Sheriff's Department seems incomprehensible. Equally incomprehensible was the lack of intervention or action by the school administration after Harris and Klebold made a documentary for school last year depicting just such a spasm of murderous violence as they subsequently enacted--for real.

A further peculiar note is that in the early 1990s Columbine High School was the site an admittedly bizarre addition to the usual high school curriculum. Students there were encouraged to attend a class in "Death Education"--a class which had such a negative and disturbing effect on one participant that she subsequently committed suicide.

One wonders if in fact Columbine High School had been selected some time ago as a suitable location to unleash a programmed, mind controlled monster like Eric Harris.

Noteworthy also is the way legions of federal "grief counselors" were dispatched for Littleton within minutes of the news hitting the airwaves. How "convenient" that so many of them were so ready for this. And how suspicious, to my mind.

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